At Rodger Bartholomew, we have always believed that what sets men apart is attention to detail.
With every design, our team makes a commitment to expert tailoring, first class cutting,
and a fit that is unsurpassed in every way.


A true gentleman's wardrobe echoes his character and personality in every thread. At Rodger Bartholomew, each suit is meticulously tailored to match your unique physique and preferences. From handpicking the finest fabrics to selecting the perfect cut and style, our expert tailors will walk you through the process, ensuring that every inch of your suit resonates with the gentleman you are.

Here in the realm At Rodger Bartholomew, it's more than just crafting a suit - it's about crafting an experience. It's a symphony of skill and finesse, where every stitch weaves together to reflect the sophistication that defines you. Your journey involves partnering your vision with our tailoring artisans' expertise, culminating in a garment that captures your essence and amplifies your discerning taste. Step into the world of Rodger Bartholomew and let your wardrobe transcend fabric and stitching, becoming a narrative that articulates your unique character.


In the realm At Rodger Bartholomew, each suit emerges as an intricate masterpiece, a canvas meticulously painted to mirror the individuality of its wearer. We hold in high regard the art of tailoring, and every stitch is a tribute to the unique essence that each gentleman brings. Our devotion to this craft extends to the very fabric of our process.

Our expertise spans across fabric, texture, patterns, and colors. The process resembles a symphony of precision, meticulously handpicking the finest materials to encapsulate your attire's envisioned persona. Our dedication to sartorial excellence spares no effort, resulting in each Rodger Bartholomew piece being more than just clothing – it becomes a declaration of your style and innate sophistication. This journey entwines materials and narrative, intertwining threads of craftsmanship, precision, and your unique character.


Fueled by unwavering passion, our team of skilled tailors approaches their work with an innate desire to breathe life into suits that transcend mere clothing – they encapsulate your unique personality and essence. This dedication forms the core of our artistry, evident in every carefully sewn stitch and thoughtfully selected detail. Our guiding principle rests on the understanding that a suit goes beyond being a mere ensemble; it stands as an extension of who you are at your core.

In our collection, classic sophistication blends seamlessly with contemporary flair. Guided by an appreciation for timeless elegance and current fashion trends, our offerings cater to discerning tastes. Whether you're seeking a polished business look or remarkable attire for special moments, we're ready to bring your vision to life. Our commitment extends beyond fabric; it's the craftsmanship and care infused into every piece. Wearing our creations reflects refined style and your unique character.


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