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Since 1954, Rodger Bartholomew has been synonymous with the epitome of sophisticated
men's style. Steeped in a rich legacy of family ownership and operation, the team is committed to
making every man feel like a gentleman.

David Swan

David Swan


David's intimate involvement in the world of menswear began early, as he inherited the mantle from his father, Rodger Swan, a founding figure. Taking charge of Rodger Bartholomew in 1990, David has meticulously cultivated his grasp of fashion and design, preserving the brand's legacy while adapting to evolving trends.

At Rodger Bartholomew's establishment, patrons encounter more than a selection of finely curated attire; they experience the embodiment of decades of dedication. David not only offers a carefully curated range but also serves as a source of advice and camaraderie, whether you're seeking a stylish winter coat, a pair of Loakes shoes that fuse comfort and class, or a friendly chat about the latest in football.

Christopher J powell

Master Tailor

Starting in fine dining, Christopher regularly met stylish gentlemen in world-class designer outfits during his initial years. This period honed his grasp of men's fashion excellence. His talents were noticed by Rodger Bartholomew's owners, who swiftly brought him on board.

As the master tailor, lead designer, and custom-clothing expert for the past decade, Christopher provides personalised services. His forte lies in crafting impeccable, tailored suits, shirts, and coats for various occasions including business, weddings, and formal events.

Christopher J powell
Peter Brown

Peter Brown

Menswear Specialist

Menswear Specialist In 2022, Peter transitioned into a full-time role within the menswear team, his proven skills in menswear and fashion securing his place. His journey showcased a dedication to refining his expertise and cultivating his style, making his integration into the team a natural progression.

As a key member of the menswear team, Peter provides a wealth of expertise to elevate your wardrobe. Beyond advice, visiting Peter means collaborating with a seasoned companion who understands the art of refining style. Whether refreshing your look, trying new trends, or perfecting your personal fashion, Peter's experience offers insights for transformative self-expression. Witness the fusion of Peter's skills with your style goals as you unlock your wardrobe's full potential.


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