Extending the life of men’s business suits

Extending the life of men’s business suits

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For most of us white collared lads, our suits are one of the most expensive items in our wardrobe. But no matter how much you’ve paid or what suit types you own, without proper care and suit cleaning, your favourite suits won’t stand the test of time.

While it is true that “You get what you pay for”, quality and care are key to ensuring your suit lasts. If you take care of your fabrics and clothing properly, they will not only last longer, but look newer than those who neglect their garments. Let’s take a look at the key points when it comes to extending the life of men’s business suits.

Storing Your Suits

Storage is essential for the long-term preservation of your suits. It’s vital to maintain a healthy environment that allows your wearables to breathe and stay in shape. Most guys store their suits in their wardrobe, but jackets can suffer due to being constantly folded into shoulders and creases. A lack of space, poor air circulation and moisture can be disastrous for the shoulder structure of your suit jacket. 

For clothes with this much detail and workmanship, it’s important to know how to store your suits properly. If your suit, on the other hand, needs extra airing, hang it in a dry, open place for a day or two before placing it back in the closet. Make sure the closet has ample space that won’t ruin your suit. Hang it up as soon as you take it off to guarantee that your suit lasts as long as possible.

Rotating Your Suits 

A suit’s lifespan depends on how often it is worn. A quality suit made from natural fibres needs to breathe and recover from wear.

Tip: Make it a point to just wear your suit once a week. If it is necessary to wear it again, do so no more than twice a week. 

If you wear a suit every day, strive to have at least five different suits to choose from. To make your suits last longer, you may add a business casual style  if it’s appropriate for your company.

Why the rotation? The fabric of your suit will be stressed if you wear it too often, especially in the trousers, because of friction when walking. Hence, you need to create a healthy rotation of suits, giving the fabric time to rest.

Cleaning Your Suits

Wearing a suit to work is a great way to look professional, but it can be quickly ruined by carelessly laundering it. 

What is the best way to clean your suit? While the tendency is to book expensive dry cleaning services, it’s not always necessary. In fact, many high-end tailors and dry cleaners will advise you against dry cleaning your suit too often; once every 6-12 months might be enough. The chemicals used in dry cleaning, as well as the treatment given to the garment, cause harm to a suit.

So, what to do in between dry cleaning? Hang your suits on a wide wooden hanger to air after wearing them for a day or two. Remove excess dust, pet hair, lint and dust using a lint roller or suit brush.

Final Thoughts

Suits are a classic investment for any man who wants to look sharp – not just in flattering a slim figure, but in projecting authority and professionalism at work, or even making an impact at a wedding or special event. The way to preserve and increase its value is rather simple; only wear it once a week and for as little time as possible, rotate and let them rest, and clean them properly.