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Harris Tweed®, a Luxury Symbol

Harris Tweed® is one of the world’s most exclusive fabrics, a symbol of sophistication and luxury. The ultra-high quality, hand made fabrics produced by Harris Tweed can add a

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The Legend Of R.M. Williams Boots

One of the most famous legends in Australia is Reginald Murray Williams aka R.M. Williams. He was born in rural South Australia in 1908, and legend has it that he dropped out of school at the age of 13 to explore the vast bush area until landing a job as a camel driver in the mid-nort

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Extending the life of men’s business suits

For most of us white collared lads, our suits are one of the most expensive items in our wardrobe. But no matter how much you’ve paid or what suit types you own, without proper care and suit cleaning, your

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Classic Menswear is the most sustainable

A sustainable wardrobe means you’re not throwing out your clothes every six months and buying a whole new wardrobe just to stay “in style”. Instead, you’re investing in quality basics that transcend trends,

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Deep Black Drago Australia

Killer Black Italian Suit Rodger Bartholomew is pleased to announce we have a limited number of men’s black suits in Drago’s “Deep Black” merino wool. Drago is part of the Amalfi Woolen Group and is one of the leading Italian fabric mills.

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